From a space of illusion sculptural and architectural overtones appear, beginning a dimensional departure. The imagined shapes become something real with the addition of wool to the pen and ink drawings. The work leaves one space and enters another, inhabiting other planes. I create these suggested spaces methodically by rendering texture in conjunction with the two dimensional drawing. I use extreme thought and restraint to realize the essential and conceptually intriguing image that previously only existed in my imagination.

I lay down a shape in pencil, working with it until it is true to the image I have in mind. The shapes and patterns end up being quite masculine. The wool serves as not only a way to add sculptural dimension but as a vehicle of warmth. Through this method I have created a language between the two mediums that is formal yet natural.

To propose that the space exists at all I have to create new space, new planes, suggest other dimensions. I have to bring the shape/form into existence to make it something distinct. The importance and relevance occurs to me through the realization of the work.  I am incredibly connected to my work because of an acute awareness to what I am actualizing. I establish an unfamiliar relationship between form and materials in an unknown space by suggesting a shape that previously only existed as a thought held in anticipation.